Wedding Pricing

What Does A Feridon Terry Photography & Terry's Media Magic experience get you?

One or two Photographers. A photographer and videographer. Depending on your wedding needs.

3 to 4 hours of coverage

All of our wedding packages start with at least 3 to 4 hours of coverage. We discovered that this is the minimal amount of time required to document a wedding day. We will photograph everything from your bridal accessories,getting ready shots, family photos, candid shots, details and portraits. You will receive a wide variety of photos that covers your entire day. 

Color Corrected Images

After your wedding, we go through all of the pictures that we have captured and select the best. After we select the very best photos we will edit and color correct them. You can expect to receive 500-1000 images.

Copyright Form for your photos

We give all of our clients copyright forms so that they can print their images. For the best results we highly recommend you print through us or a professional printing lab.    

You Become Apart of the FTP & TMM Family

Our clients mean the world to us, it makes us so happy to see couples come together in marriage. We like to send holiday cards and watch your family grow.